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    It was so hard for me to find this item since I don’t know what its called. :P
    And now I will always remember that this is called a base pin. :”)

    MTO Custom Killua Pouch

    Materials used:
    -Soft Felt for inner lininh
    -Hard Felt for details

    MTO Custom Rengar Set for April Villafuerte

    Materials Used
    - Fur and Hair Thick
    - Clay for the claws
    - Stuffings

    Last Photo: Pefdgraphy

    MTO Custom Trafalgar Netbook Case.

    Materials used:
    -Soft Felt base pouch and top cover
    -Hard Felt for details (jolly roger, lettering, details)

    Photo (bottom): from Thine Santamina

    AON 2014 Philippines | 2NE1 Concert - "Boom Panis!"

    My AON Experience! :D

    It was so much fun!! ^____^v
    They sang all the songs I wanted them to sing. It was like a huge party and everybody was having fun!

    I’m so happy that the Philippines leg is more special than all others because it’s exactly the same day as 2NE1’s 5th Anniversary. <3

    It was a very nice experience that I will always remember.

    my on going project ~ ;) neko! ^_^



    Neat thing I found :3



    Comish Work: Tiger’s Hat and Tie

    Comish Work: Mononoke Hime Set

    Comish work: Bunny Riven Set

    Free Pattern: A gentleman’s necktie  |  Coletterie

    Supplies! Getting ready for the event and finishing up MTOs ΓΌ

    Fur Paradise found at Divisoria! Yey!!